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Some of you may be aware recently that my mom discovered a lump visible in an x-ray. From the unclear images of the x-ray we could see a solid build up between the chest and the heart. Very little could be deduced and my mom was alerted to go for a CAT Scan. It was an extremely worrisome 2 plus weeks during the period of the test, as we did not know the nature of the lump. This morning the test results were revealed and the lump is tested benign! The doctor believes that it could be a compound build up from her work environment in the hospital (whatever that means). We have decided that since it’s not causing her too much discomfort, we will leave the matter as it is. Hopefully, with medication, everything will clear up naturally.

So many people have been praying for my mom and me. My family has been truly blessed.

I am touched by the power of prayer and am very grateful your prayers and for lifting my mom up.


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