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It's great doing nothing... and it's always quite funny when people tell me how bored they get when nothing happens... on the contrary, I look forward to HAVING TIME to just DO NOTHING! I kid myself when I finally have TIME, but there's always this long list of things I've waited till the perfect moment - the moment when I have TIME!

I'm back from an extended break from work. Largely because of the sandwiched public holidays (Deepavali and Hari Raya), not to mention it had to squeeze in Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day. It made quite a lot of sense to take the whole week off and judging from the unavailability of air tickets out of Singapore, I assume "Great Minds Do Think Alike". I ended up with all this TIME and nothing planned! It was rather refreshing waking up on work day at 9am and wondering what my next move would be.

It's strange how I keep mentioning how my days fill themselves up very quickly. I ended up with a compact week -
Starting off with Seb & Augustine's wedding celebration, a Jazz / Rock? picnic with a 1997 wood red wine (a much delayed 1st year anniversary bottle), a queer Halloween which ended at a family restaurant (Swensens) and a wholesome family video "Charlie and Chocolate Factory", a R&R trip to Batam Indonesia, watched "Doomed", conquered "The Legend of Zelda : The Minish Cap" (my fingers nearly fell off towards the end) and practiced my skills in some self learn Adobe training videos.

Gheez... and all I really wanted to do was play with my Gameboy (which I did a lot) and read my book... so much for doing nothing....


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