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If there’s one word to sum up the extended weekend for Hari Raya Haji, it would be “RAIN”. It’s crazy weather, Rain > Shine > Rain > more Rain and even more Rain!
Consistent grey clouds in the day and this lovely pinkish red glow in the nights. Refreshing cool weather (in fact even a little cold), my mom is walking around the house in a sweater and socks!
So all outdoor plans took a stand still; which includes tennis and the “King of the Mountain” biking competition which was suppose to be held last Sunday. The ride which sees the fastest climber up Mount Faber will wear the factitious crown for the year.

Derek has this theory that the increased amount of rain is largely caused by global warming. Simply put; polar ice caps are melting faster, with larger amounts of water into the sea and evaporation. These evaporated water gets trap within polar sky clouds and are pushed in land. Thus more rain, more floods… hmmm…

The weather has been perfect for spicy curry, hot noodles and spaghetti bolognese with ham and cream (compliments of Lisa at her house warming). Okay… again, lots of food and NO EXECERSISE! I blame it on the weather… who else… but honestly, I’m not complaining…

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  1. I'm booooored already... reading on ur Theory about the Rain for da past few days... when u posting new stuffs??


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