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There is a lot of humility in putting an ugly black splat of ash on your pretty forehead walking down Orchard Road. It's the humbling effect of remembering that no matter how rich, smart or cool you really think you are... you came from ash and will one day return to that. But more importantly, it's the humility of the heart; the conversion of the soul to turn away from sin, to deny oneself for the good of someone else.

That's my "Fruit for Thought" for this Lenten season. 40 days before Christ did the ultimate act to Give till there was nothing left. And when you'd think there was no more, he rises from death and comes back to Give even more. Lent has always been for me a gloomy period of sacrifice, a time of fasting and praying. It's almost like the pain and suffering of going through a long dark tunnel till we see the light at the end. The feeling of freshness and hope when you break through the last steps into rays of warm sunshine and openness. I look forward to the "fruits" at the end of a labour, but it's the labour that moulds the character.

Have a good Lent. Give a little more...

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