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Scotts Scammed Event
Scotts Scammed Event,
originally uploaded by natashayong.

Let's 1st talk about an injury about a month back. Totally agree it's long over due... but I thought it'll illustrate how down in luck I've been.
I was intensely training for my Charity Bike and Blade event coming up in May and was doing various games all together. So I avergated a sprain on my left leg (front muscle where the body joins the leg). I was down for almost a week plus and certainly couldn't do leg raises like in the figure skating of the Torino Olympics! It was by far the worst muscle sprain I've ever encountered, at it's peak I was groaning in my sleep... All is well now and I've been back on track with my training... though it's a far cry from what I'm 'suppose' to be achieving.

More unfortunate event...
On the faithful day of 9 March - I've been ROBBED! Okie, maybe 'robbed' isn't the right word, maybe scammed is?
It wasn't the best morning in the office to start off with. Then 2 colleagues and myself had to pack all our barang barangs for a presentation armed with laptops, files, bags... so we thought we'd grab a quick lunch at Scotts Picnic Foodcourt. That's where it all happened!!!

We took the 1st empty 4 person table we could find which was open to the exit/entrance in front of the Fruit Juice Stall or the Mama Shop Magazine cum Money Changer Stall. So very quickly, we placed all our belongings onto a chair (with my small white Tote bag placed right on top) and left Sally (not her real name for identity protection) to watch over all the stuff placed on the opposite chair. I happily went to purchase myself a plate of dry homemade noodles with minced meat toppings. When I return Sally nervously told me that some guy had taken my bag! The conversation went like that:

Scene #1
Natasha returns with a tray of noodles.

S : Natasha - did you leave a bag on the chair?
N : Yeah - where's my bag?
S : Someone took it...
N : Yeah - where's my bag?
S : I'm serious, someone took your bag...
N : You joking is it... where's my bag?
S : Do I look like I'm joking... I'm serious...
N : You're SERIOUS?!?! Where's my bag?
S : I'm serious!!!
N : You mean you're SERIOUS...

Then I was told the grand scam story...
While Sally was sitting at the table, this early twenties Burmese fellow (although I thought she was being too specific) poked her on the left shoulder and asked her if a $5 note on the floor belonged to her. As soon as she turned away another fellow came from the front, took MY BAG and walked out. Sally didn't even know the bag was taken until another lady at another table saw the incident and told her that a man took our white bag! Upon realising the horror, Sally left all our other belongings at the table and rushed up the stairs to realise the guy could no longer be found. Fortunately, our remaining stuff stayed at their place during this incident. The nice lady told us that the other guy wore a printed shirt.

When it dawned upon me that my entire bag had gone goodbye, I did the necessary...
1) Report Police 999
2) Cancel Handphone's SIM Card
3) Inform Family Members
4) Asked around if anyone else saw the episode

What we didn't do but should have done
1) Take down the nice lady's HP no. so she could have given a statement
2) Inform the Scotts Foodcourt security

About 45 mins later, the police finally arrived and wrote this nice story for the statement. We were told that apparently, crime rate around Orchard area had increased over the past months as 2 groups (Indonesian and Vietnamese) are competing against each other to see who can steal more things! How LAME!!!
The police then informed the Scotts management to look out for the items and suspicious items for fingerprint tracing! It seemed like a serious case... There was also a surveillance camera at scene which could only be viewed in 2-3 days time.

What I lost
1) Nokia 7250i
2) Clie PEG TJ37 with cool looking aluminum casing
3) IPAQ 2210
4) Japanese branded aluminum umbrella
5) Colorado Keychain with Keys
6) Charity Card

The honest truth is every single thing in my bag were gifts! Including the bag itself!!! So I was honestly more upset about losing the items for sentimental reasons.
Fortunately, I had no data loss and actually, everything could be replaced monetarily. Those that know me enough would know that I hardly lose my things, I'm the organised sort! Just wrong time, wrong place... Urgh!

Strangely after feeling extremely annoyed at this dramatic, I got over it rather quickly in a day or two. Maybe partly because I really didn't have time to sulk as I had to be at a confirmation camp over the weekend. Somehow, I felt that God was trying to tell me not to surround myself with material things. That I should re-prioritise my life on things that matters... so my baggage is a lot lighter now... literately.


  1. wah biang, damn suay lor.
    think next time carry ur tote along or ask ur friend to hold onto it instead of leaving it on top of the other barang.

  2. Ai yoh Nat,

    This seem to me like a drama mama episode. Their scam way to distract your colleague so as to take away your bag was their "clever move". Even in churches, bag was reported stolen so better be cautious next time. Carry along your bag where ever u go.

    Y of all the other colleagues, the thiefs stole your bag?

  3. these scammers, robbers will face punishment (and a whole lotta words i cannot add in here!)

    St. Anthony of Padua, please intercede for us, pleasepleaseplease

  4. Oh my poor Nat. I know exactly how you feel, having been the victim myself...twice! Yes, i know, no need to tell me that i shd have been more careful.

    Although everything can be (or has been) replaced, somehow i always have the feeling that my belongings are out there somewhere.

    Sure enuogh, this sucks.


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