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By far my personal best (in terms of cycling).
I've been doing a no. of 30-50km night rides over the pass weeks, but the Tg. Belungkor 100km ride (30 min ferry ride from Changi Ferry Terminal) last Saturday tops in all.
About 30 cyclist, quite a number who are training for the upcoming Bike and Blade made the trip. The group was split into 2 groups upfront, the Fast Riders and the Slow Riders. No surprises, I was of course with the slower group.

Personally it was tough, namely for these reasons:
1) The Amazing 100
I've NEVER done 100km! The jump from a comfortable 50km weekly to a sudden 100km was no joke. Guess about the 70% point I was already in exhaustion, the remaining 30% was mind over body. Didn't know I actually had that in me.
In total. I clocked slightly over 100km in 4.5 hrs. Avg. 22km/hr. Highest Speed 48km/hr.

2) Scorching Mr. Sun
Sunshine and Moon glow makes a world of a difference! Given a choice, I'd cycle in the night anytime.
I officially have the worse tan in history. Fortunately for Anne's 130 ultra sun block, my face was spared. I have a jersey sleeve line, a glove line and a tights line. Urgh! But the tan does look quite nice :)

3) Unending miles of hilly roads
There's something about Malaysian roads that just never end! And they just go up and down, up and down!
After about 20 odd up hills, it was tough. I was at my granniest gear and my leg either went numb or completely lost all power.

4) Flattened Animals
I must have at least seen 10 dead "stuff"; comprising of rats, cats, birds; whatever. Guts spilled and all flattened by passing vehicles. It was a gory sight and you'd never wish that your wheels went over one.

5) Crappy Food
It's funny, but 100 Plus in Malaysia taste different from those sold in Singapore. But they were all I really wanted after a loooong, hot ride. I had a plate of Nasi Goreng which would have tasted a whole lot better if I weren't that tired. Dennis had 2 yummy oil soaked Ramlee Burgers which towards the end, I regretted not eating cause the Ferry got delayed!

Overall, it was a awesome ride. Cause of the people, the scenery and knowing that I could do what I did. Given that very moment, I would have totally given up on even thinking I could ever do 150km consecutively for 3 days... maybe I still can't... but something in me is saying - "Give it your best shot"!
To more training!

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