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How much can you figure you can do in 24 hours?
Imagine Pirates, Damaged Soles, Cantonese Cuisine, Wine & Cheese.

Fancy starting a new day with "Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest". Wooo... Captain Jack Sparrow is ridiculously hot. You can just sense the charm of Johnny Depp sipping out of the character. I was envisioning the film to be darker; with deception, blood, gore and dirt in line with smelly pirates; fortunately the film was packed with enough fire power and quirky humour to keep me awake. Oh yah... STAY BEHIND FOR THE CREDITS! You won't regret it!

The gravity of the bed was so strong that I flopped to bed instantly upon reaching home and didn't wake up till late morning. So much for a planned morning cycle and MacDonald's Hotcakes. The afternoon was all about badminton practice for the annual department competition. Was told that I have improved since our last match around this period; after which I had not step foot into a badminton hall till recently. Wonder if cycling had anything to do with it? However, our hopes of obtaining another trophy will be a tall challenge this time round as we will be up against last year's 1st runners up at the 1st knock out match. So for now it's all about practice, practice, practice! So much foot work till my Nike BOING decided to give up on me. Cracked soles and Sayonara to NIKE products (except Dri-Fit). I'm giving up on Nike shoes for now.

I got home in time to wash up and headed for dinner at Manhill Restaurant. Very CHI-NA Cantonese atmosphere and sumptuous claypot cooking. Their pork ribs (although slightly burnt) is to die for! It was a cousins night out since Debbie recently returned from Belgium and brought home CHEESE! So we had a wine and stinky cheese night. You should have seen our faces when the blue cheese was opened! Crackers, seedless grapes, crazy but adorable nieces and nephews running around and lots of catch up.

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