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I'm picking up some investment tips from Robert T. Kiyosaki's "The Cash flow Quadrant" and "Rich Dad's Guide to Investing"

Understanding your Financial Risk Profile
1) Natural Risk Tolerance
- Ability to take chances

2) Situational Risk Profile
- Current attitude to take chances
- emotions to risk

3) Asset Attitudes and Education
- Potential to accept risk

4) Other Behavioral Indicators
- Emotions, values, motivations, rationality in making decisions

5) Behavioral portfolio allocations factors
- Goal orientations, values for new opportunities, investment style

Understanding "The Cash flow Quadrant"
On the left
Employee & Self-Employed

On the right
Investor & Business Owner

Understanding the 3 Most Important Es to Sophisticated Investor
- Education
- Experience
- Excessive Cash

Prioritize your decision for your wealth

Investing is a Plan


  1. hmm... judging from wat u extracted from the book... all these are common sense wat

  2. OMG!!! Common sense!!!
    Somewhat lah... thought some pts are good to reflect on again later...

    How many of us really really get to planning for investment?


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