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Buying any gadget in Lucky Plaza is IMPOSSIBLE! You’ve heard enough horror stories about people getting corned; cheated, taken for a ride… it’s been locally known to be the tourist rip off spot.
After my exciting Nintendo DS Lite sales pitch, Kenny decided to get himself one. I was told that the going price was SG$180 for the unit. It’s a really irritating shopping experience when they set the price for the unit (without GST) then start telling you that SG$180 is a bundled price. For that attractive price, you’d need to add in a purchase of a game, pouch, screen protector… even charger or transformer. The final pricing isn’t any much cheaper then what you will get at Funan. It’s the feeling that they’re taking you for such a fool, with such dishonest intensions. I wouldn’t patronize them even if they’re 10 bucks cheaper.
It’s just not worth your precious time…

If not for the River Valley Nasi Lemak and Lor Mee… it’s just such a lousy, sleazy place to visit.

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