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One Kick-Ass Conference over 2 (working) days at the Grand Hyatt Singapore. MAX 2006, the annual Adobe user conference, offers the Adobe community an unprecedented opportunity to learn about Adobe software, interact with industry experts, connect with other Adobe software users, and have lots of fun. There was so much packed into the Design, Development and Mobile tracks; not to mention all the ultra cool designer and developer idols who contributed to websites such as Flickr and Comcastic. It was session after session of tips, tricks, practical applications and pure inspiration. At times you’d find yourself in a dilemma on which of the 25 plus break out session attend.

As usual, there were sneak peeks into emerging adobe technologies such as Apollo (www.adobe/go/apollo). Apollo is the code name for a cross-operating system runtime being developed by Adobe that allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills (Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax) to build and deploy Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) to the desktop. Scheduled to be released in early 2007, Apollo will open possibilities for your Flash / Web creation to be played on any platform!

The Speakers:
Jared Tarbell
This is the Flickr guy who is also the creator of (Jared’s first online website showcasing his experimental flash works. With tons of source codes to download) (the version 2.0 showcase website) (An online shopping site for site that is handmade. Provides a unique navigation to searching and shopping)

He shared on experimental projects and how some of those ideas can be applied to real applications or functions.

The Different Types of Being Experimental
1) The Student
A set structure and just running through the process and exercises

2) The Tweaker
Using existing projects and modifying them till it turns out different or exciting

3) The Visionary
Having an idea with no definite goal, but being able to follow through to its fruitarian

Making Experimental Work for You
1) Catalog and Make Public your experiments
2) Delay optimization to the last possible minute
3) Program something everyday

Jared has written "Object Oriented ActionScript 2.0" published by New Riders Press and is also the author of "Flex 2: Training from the Source" published by Adobe Press. He has also been the primary presenter for the Total Training Flex DVD series.

Craig Swann
Craig was all about music. How he used music and interaction in a physical space. One of his more enjoyable projects is
With a webcam, you can experience the distortion mirror effect online. Take a picture and scare your friends!

Geoff Lillemon
This gay looking dude combines both fine art, poetry and digital art to present some really strange and weird visual pieces that require a certain taste. The dark, grime take on his art resembles Tim Burton, so in some strange way it appealed to me. Some of he’s earlier works can be found at
He combines this annoying ambient music in the background that makes your hair stand.

Another one of his work
Named one of the Top 10 Young Designers by HOW magazine, Natzke, along with his commercial and personal work, are applauded throughout the world of international design and advertising. Clients he's had the pleasure to work with include HP, Coca-Cola, Adobe, Comcast, Discover, AAA and Saturn.
He’s presentation can be found at

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