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I don’t know of anybody else who has a systemic (and really kick-ass) movie management system. I spent the whole of yesterday cataloging my HUGE movie collection into this really awesome movie management software - eXtreme Movie Manager. This Italian team at built the software on the .NET platform where CD/DVD can be cataloged and movie info pulled in from internet sites such as IMDB and Little thumbnails of the movie cover can also be downloaded to build a personalized movie card. It’s like having your very own online Video EZ! You can search for movies, write your own comments and give a personal rating. Plus with all the info collected, you can even churn out statistics! Now if that isn’t crazy enough, they even have Loan Management, where you can track down all the DVDs that your friends borrowed but NEVER return!

Apparently, the company also has another software called eXtreme Music Manager for all those music maniacs.

Browse movie by covers!

My movie stats by Genre. Action tops at #1!

Of the 379 movie titles I have cataloged, 142 films I have never watched!
I would never have known that...


  1. I use Delicious Library. It catalogues books, movies, CDs and games (PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo...) too. All retrievable via :) Think the functions are somewhat similar to yours.

    Barcode scannable with iSight and its interface looks like a bookshelf. I've had fun using it. :) :) :)

  2. Cool! Another organised junkie! There is a PC version at A total rip-off from the Mac version. Have to say the UI looks very delicious, but for $39.95... YIKES!


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