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Visiting the dentist is always a frightening affair. There’s something about metallic apparatuses probing into your mouth while you lay in submission to the mercy of hopefully a gentle dentist.
I sorta got some bad vibes after recently catching "The Little Shop of Horrors" where Lim Yu Beng portrayed this insane, sadist dentist. Thank goodness my dentist was nothing along the line of lunatic dentist.

Fortunately I have good enough oral hygiene. I’m particular about a good, clean and healthy set of teeth and a pearly white smile. It’s been a year since my last visit to the dentist and this visit was largely pressured by the year end dental reimbursement. Despite brushing at least twice a day and occasional flossing, I’m surprised that there have been quite some tar-tar build up over the year. There was this 20 inch wide screen monitor facing the dental chair with a camera that takes a digital before and after snap shot of your mouth. The doc was pleased to point out the areas where tar-tar was removed on the pictures. I was rather impressed. The usual flossing and polishing took around 45 mins and I added another strawberry fluoride treatment simply to use up the balance. It’s always good to know the teeth are healthy with no decays, but the doc gave me a short session on taking care of my easy bleeding gums. Showing me rather awful pictures of decay, filled with pass and bacterial. I can’t fully understand why anyone would allow their teeth to come to such a state.

I got myself the new Oral B Cross Action Vitalizer that have these rubber like bristles at the sides which are supposed to message the gums… hmmm… anything for a good sparkling smile :D

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