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It was time again for the Fun Sophisticated Princesses (FSP) Gals Christmas Gathering. Sr. Wendy wasn’t able to join us and she was truly missed. We all just thought it would be really cool to hang out and do silly things since our last “The Little Shop of Horrors” Outing (which really didn’t feel that long ago). I initially thought we could catch “The Nativity” in line with the Christmas spirit, but GV did not list the film for online booking and thought it was taken off the screens; till Wendy found out they had like 1 screening at 1:15pm at Vivo City. We decided to catch “The Curse of the Golden Flower” because it sounded weird and it was another Zhang Yimou epic type of film. More on that a little on.

There is nothing like starting the day early. Vivo City was only starting to get busy and we had the luxury of choosing any restaurant outlet we pleased. We decided on Modesto’s, ordered 3 types of pastas to share and stuffed ourselves silly. Wendy could eat a cow. We were kind enough to put aside a portion of the food since Sharon could only join us later. Then as Wendy was flipping the menu intending to call for dessert, Sharon SMSed and said she could only meet us before the show. We looked over to a plentiful plate of pasta and then looked backed at each other… “Might as well finish up her share”
As we struggled to split up the remains of the pasta, this irritating fly started hovering around our food (it has to be Sharon’s share). Then Jo started going “If I put the glass of water here (next to the plate of pasta in the centre) will the fly still come?”. Wendy and I were too busy fooling our minds to finish up the pasta. Jo at least said that same sentence 3x before Wendy went like “Yah… the fly would still come… why wouldn’t it?”
Jo: “Oh one of my friends told me that in the jewelry shop the glasses of water in the cabinets were suppose to prevent the flies from coming”
Wendy and I gave each other this puzzled look.
Me: “No… that water is for humidity”
Wendy: “Yah… it’s for humidity”
Jo: “Oh… is it… my friend sounded serious when she told me… so I believed her…”
Then I went into this laughing frenzy till my face turned red.
Well at least Jo knows the truth now…

Now for “The Curse of the Golden Flower”:
This was a highly disturbing film (not in the usual disturbing kind of way). Half the time, there were these servant girls who compresses their breasts till at least half of it overflows out of their dresses. That is actually fine as it is… but then they must go running towards the camera along these narrow long walkways. GV Max at Vivo has a VERY big screen and you can only imagine those lumps of meat bouncing as they come towards you… sometimes in slow motion!!!
Jay Chou had like only 1 expression throughout the film; it was a really forgettable role. We loved the bits when Gong Li and Chow Yun Fat in his rebounded hair did those slow motion John Woo fling off the garments scenes. Despite the film having all these really pretty colourful sets amidst gorgeous costumes the story left us going “Har?” Like why why why does the Emperor want the Empress dead??? And that was solely about what the show was all about. We were left dissatisfied.

The rest of the afternoon was spent Christmas shopping. Jo had never checked out Vivo, so we brought her to the wading pool. I was horrified to see how dirty the waters have become since my last visit. It was muddy brown… very unwelcoming. For some reason, this did not stop the 90% of Malay families there from throwing there children into this non filtered, non chlorinated pool of urine and dirt. Which part of the “No Swimming” sign did they not understand?!?! I did not even dare touch the water which Sharon gladly drank!!! (okie… she didn’t)…

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  1. Yes Nat,

    Arrgh.. still talking abt that buzzling fly??? Ya right!!! The TRUTH has set me free... ;p

    Nat, Is your finger pointing the sky or what's inside the skirt? Aei...Let your finger do the talking. Hee Hee

    Hmm... for once people might thought that Sharon (after drinking that wading pool water; side effect) went into a wrong toilet and pee like a dog???

    I like the part you described abt the servant girls and their overflowing breasts. Hahahahahah, it's so funny when I recalled the scene. Paying $9.50 to watch all these boobs bouncing

    Just Me, Jo ;p


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