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1) Nintendo DS Lite
Need I say more?

2) Terry Butterfly Aloha Bicycle Saddle
This has been extremely kind to my ass on long distance rides... and it looks really pretty!

3) Bike & Blade 2006

4) Badminton Tournament Championship & Bowling Tournament 1st Runners Up
This Bowling Tournament is a justification of the improvements we had over the years.
We moved up 9 spots from last year’s 10th position to this year’s 2nd position.
I didn’t get a Turkey but bagged a wining prize of about $70 bucks and a pretty awesome Pin Trophy. After paying off practice fees and taxi rides, I might still have profitted $10!
The Team (Pin Busters) had a total score of 1877.
Personally I did 436 over 3 games, coming in at No. 8 for the Female category out of 44 others.

5) iPod
It was an impulse buy – fun, expensive and something that psyched me enough to own one. It’s still a great music player, but I spend most of my time traveling with the PlayYan watching TV series on the DS.
I really still wanna sell the Nano at a reasonable price. Let me know if anyone is keen.

6) Outstanding Employee Award

7) Hong Kong Disney Land
Probably rated the worse Disneyland on earth and it had to be my 1st.
Still it brought up the kid within me… no wait… I’m easily amused…

8) Singapore Biennale
Sharon and I were buddies on this 1st ever Singapore Visual Arts explosion. After being awe stuck visiting the exhibits at City Hall, we went on these crazy wild goose case to hunt down all the site locations.
Along with the heat was the Biennale Badge Collection. With 100 over badges representing all the artists. The Biennale really opened our eyes and minds on arts and it's effect on culture, society, life...

Singapore Biennale 2006,
originally uploaded by natashayong.

9) Esther & Ivan’s Wedding
Introducing the Esther & Ivan (voodoo?) Dolls

Esther & Ivan Dolls,
originally uploaded by natashayong.

10) Dinner & Dance Broadway Dance Performance
After 4 months, 32 lessons with Singapore’s dance instructor and chorographer, Sunny Low we managed to put up a decent opening act at the annual Dinner & Dance.
Broadway dancing with sticks and top hats to “There’s No Business to Show Business”. Fitting act to the night’s theme of “Viva Las Vegas”.

DnD Dance Performance 03,
originally uploaded by natashayong.

DnD Dance Performance,
originally uploaded by natashayong.

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