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Yes, it is official… I had sold my iPod Nano to this polytechnic fellow. It was a reasonable sale, where I made a reasonable loss of about SG$45.00.
With the anticipation of Wii, Wii games and some upcoming travels; I thought the extra cash would be good in the pocket.
It may take about another year before the iPhone kick into Asia, but that would quite certainly replace the iPod? At least for me.
Most importantly… the NATnoo was pretty under used. I realized I am really not such a music junkie.

But as I was preparing the device and packing it to be sold… I kind of missed it.
At its hefty price it was an awesome little piece of music wonder. Without a doubt it has also one of the most intuitive music menus.
Who knows… if I can find another at an insane price… I might pick it up again.

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