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I've completed Season 4 of 24. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) saves the day again, this time from a few attacks aimed at destroying the American Government by a Turkish terrorist, Habib Marwan.

The season started off believable and nail biting, but the strings of events that follows were a little over the top. Almost like everything that could go bad will happen to Kiefer. Except for him loosing his life.

The season ends with Bauer having to change he's identity after a mission at the Chinese Consulate gone wrong. Classic ending scene of him walking away into the sunrise at the railway. Huh...

I was quite ready to pop in Season 5 and hopefully complete off as much of the series as possible. Was rather upset that the discs were malfunctioning. Right now I'll start on a series I've been putting on hold for too long - Sex And The City.

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