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I’ve decided! I will own myself a piece of Wii beauty. Now it’s a matter of time. I’m just short of running to the nearest game shop and putting my name on the pre-order list. Many shops are predicting stocks to be in end of January. Rumours are also going around that the high demand is likely to also see prices of the launch units going as high as SG$600! Not forgetting that you’re likely to have to throw in perhaps another controller and of cause “Zelda: Twilight Princess” which may easily set one off by SG$750. Considering the US retail price is around US$250, I’m hoping the price remains reasonable.
I’ve been thinking about the game titles I’d like to play to make my investment worth while. Needless to say, “Zelda: Twilight Princess” alone is worth every penny, but the fact that older GameCube titles can be played on this new gaming console also means that older Zelda titles can be enjoyed. I’m already keeping my eye out on 2nd hand titles going at a good price. One of the really awesome things about the Wii is also the ability to surf the net via Opera and download old school NES or SNES games! It’s like a treasure chest of goodies! Great thinking Nintendo! Wii can’t wait!!!

I’m back watching 24 Season 4. Surprisingly captivating. I understand it’s all a high tension terrorist story… but it’s such an overkill to cramp it all in 24 hours… go Kiefer!

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  1. hahahaaa you can't resist kiefer too!! and i'm surprised you actually managed to watch till season 4!


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