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Oooo... this is just pure adorable. Everyone can have an animatronic Guinea Pig wondering around the house. It even looks like the real thing (perhaps from afar...)

This little fur ball has a life of it's own with features that include:

- Emotions
It becomes happy if given attention (touch sensors) and nervous and shy if ignored

- Sound sensors
Reacts to sounds and will come to you if happy or run away if scared
Makes more than 30 sounds (along the line of WWWWwwweeee in a high pitched kind of way)

- Interacts with its environment
Will not bump into anything and can find its way out of a maze
Interacts with other Gupis and will learn to recognise as well as share food with them

- Knows when it is hungry?
Will follow carrot 'food' light beam
Gets 'hungry' (needs to be recharged) and will 'feed' on carrot to recharge

- Super soft fur
Great disguise for a plastic robot beneath.

It's like a walking talking Chucky... (errr...) but way way way cuter!
I want my Gupi!!!


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  2. I actually did a bid on eBay for a version II Gupi!

    Hopefully I can get it around 10 pounds or so!!!


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