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Adobe CS3 Launch 23042007, originally uploaded by natashayong.

Was at the Adobe Creative Suite CS3 Official Launch yesterday.
This is the release where we see Adobe return back to the Mac OS for numerous applications especially in the video and editing arena.

The launch promises tighter integration between the Adobe and the then Macromedia products. With PSD files and layers now able to be imported directly into Flash, Illustrator and After Effects. A feature which makes you go - "what took you this longer to implement".

Photoshop has a couple of nifty new features, but nothing really mind blowing. Perhaps only the new brush selection tool which uses the same technology as the healing brush concept which everyone adores.

AfterEffects looked promising with features such as Autotrace, Repeater, Puppet point and Vanishing Point for 3D. I've always liked AfterEffects, known to me as Photoshop with motion. I don't spend enough time with it...
Unfortunately, we wouldn't be seeing the Production Suite till Fall.

The event was a great overview but too much of a hard sell. But who could resist the chance to win prizes on site which included a HP movie projector, scanner, Photoshop CS3 and Apple iPod Shuttle. No prizes for guessing I did not win anything.


  1. You would believe it... my hall floor... extensive damage... Have pictures to prove


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