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Sharon was over at my place this afternoon to pick up some childhood photos for a birthday scrapbook. What was suppose to be about 20 pictures turned out to over 50 and largely concentrated on my childhood trip to Europe! She couldn’t stop herself from picking out more and more! There could be a certain possibility that the scrapbook might turn out to be as tick as a dictionary!

Nevertheless it was really quite enjoyable flipping through old photos. I was indeed a really cute child!!! Okay… breathing in some humility…
At the same time, it was also a good time to digitize some of the really old pictures which are fast loosing its colour. Thank goodness for Photoshop’s Auto Colour Correction function which saves a whole lot of time in each touch up process. My mom goes trigger happy with a camera every time; you can only image the number of photo albums we’ve accumulated over the years. Recently, I’ve been thinking about purchasing a feeder based photograph scanner for all those 3R & 4R pictures. But the process will still be a mighty looooooooong one to complete. I could even consider outsourcing, but I’m so anal about good touch up.
Then there’s the consideration storage. Flickr has been a wonderful picture storage application, unlimited storage yearly subscription at around S$40. That’s not a lot, but with things on the Internet going on a free trend… I’m still a little reluctant. To ponder another day…

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