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Wendy & I decided to indulge in some Spainsh specticle with La Fura dels Baus' 'Dreams In Flight'; a Singapore Arts Festival opening performance at the Padang last Saturday night.

It was an escape into the realm of the subconscious where wildly spectacular visions await. A majestic wheel of red and golden light descends from above and the boundary between sleeping and waking fades away. Magically suspended in space is an amazing aerial net of human bodies moving in synchronicity.
It was a truly awe-inspiring sight as the suspended wheel rolled right above us. As the ethereal sojourn ends with the rediscovery of home, the sky lights up with brilliant showers of fireworks in a celebration of joyous optimism.

Known for its multi-sensory theatrical experience that often involves audience participation, La Fura dels Baus has developed its own Furan performance language, style and aesthetics, blending multiple artistic disciplines and new technologies. Its award-winning shows have wowed millions around the world and inspired a cult following.

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