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After closing the month of April with the Singapore International Film Festival, the month of May have continued with musicals and plays.

Compliments of Marie, I was invited to "A Labour Of Love" on 2 May. Part of the May Day celebration, the Young NTUC’s first-ever musical tells of one couple’s touching love story set against the history of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC).
The story tells of the grandpa, Ah Keong who joins the union movement in the 60s to woo his love, Mei Ling. Spanning over 30 years we take a trip back memory lane on a history lesson on NTUC's timeline. From changes in the Union system, to the opening of the NTUC supermarkets to the launch of the NTUC country club.

I felt like I set through a 2 hour propaganda amateur production with forgettable song and dance numbers. Some scenes were so forced down the throat; I burst out laughing (at a death bed scene!).
However, I do appreciate the effort; considering this is the first production by the newly formed Young NTUC's performance arts group. p.L.a.Y! The production was also put together nicely with much potential for improvement.

Then again, if it wasn't for a free ticket... I wouldn't have paid to be there...

"You're Always There For Me" MTV

Of picnic, of wine, of stars, of friends, of Shakespeare...
It was a all gals night out under the stars at The Singapore Repertory Theatre's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" directed by Gaurav Kripalani, at Fort Canning Park.

By far one of the most enjoyable local drama performances I've attended. Perhaps also because it's one of my favourite Shakespeare plays; one with magic, fairies, mixed up love, lots of laugh and a happy ending.
The performance was contemporary with a spice or two of local flavour thrown in. Despite Shakespearean language blabbering throughout (thank goodness for that), the local touches made the performance relatable and simple to follow.

What I loved most about the performance was the overall setting, which suited the forest theme of the story perfectly. The smell of the grass, the whispering leaves from the tress, the rolling night clouds... with ambient lighting of red, green and blue to create a fantasy atmosphere.
It is also the 1st time the stage about the size of basketball court was set in the centre of the field in a maze like structure. The audience could sit anywhere from the sides to the centre, resulting in a very interesting 360 degree viewing experience as the actors ran all around the grounds.

It was no easy feat for the actors as they melted under the lights, running up and down slopes, climbed scaffolds while they acted, sang and dance.
Our spot on the left of stage was almost perfect as actors came up-close and very personal. Towards the end of the show, Sharon and Wendy did a train dance with the performers, I got kisses blown from a fairy and we got autographs from Emma Yong, Jason Chan and the actor that played Puck.
We were hoping to catch Emma for a picture, but got one with the actress who played Hermia.

I couldn't ask for a more perfect evening. With Pizza, Rivergum Wine, Poppycock, perfect weather after a heavy storm, good friends and a heart-felt play.

It wasn't until 12 midnight that I got home after enjoying the sweet taste of canned logans, trampling around an ant nest, enjoying the last act of a live rock performance outside Timbre and cooling off with a bottle of coke...

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