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I've contemplated for the longest time if I should sign up for the Pro Account of Flickr at USD$24.95 annually. That's about SGD$40.00 and about $3.30 per month.
Seriously, not a lot of money... but why pay when you can get it free! Unlimited file size and uploads! WoohoOo!

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Zooomr is a free photo-sharing and hosting service. It offers support for multiple languages and geotagging, the process that lets users place their photos on a map. The service also offers several modern day Web technologies to sort through photos such as tags and camera EXIF data.

While not entirely like Flickr; both offerings are very very much similar. With Zooomer giving us a whole lot more for zero dollars!

One of its more interesting features called "portals" was launched late last year. Portals are clickable zones that link photos together. For example, if there's a picture of a house, you can make the door into a Zooomr portal and link it to a picture of the inside of the house. Users can create all sorts of complex portals and share them with friends.

The other is the site's capability to embrace social media. New feature Zooomr Zipline can only be described as a multimedia version of Twitter, complete with SMS and Widget support.

And while you're at it, why not throw in a Photo MarketPlace to make some money out of your shots.

One day this independently run app may either be bought over by some giant = no longer FREE or close down completely (cause perhaps the creator, Kristopher Tate died... no wait... he's only 19!!!).

Watch the cool features of Zooomr Mark III Launch here.

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