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Singapore Arts Festival 2007 - Time Out 09

Singapore Arts Festival 2007 - Time Out 15

Singapore Arts Festival 2007 - Time Out 38

Singapore Arts Festival 2007 - Time Out 40

Singapore Arts Festival 2007 - Time Out 57

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Singapore Arts Festival 2007 - Time Out 86

Singapore Arts Festival's Closing Celebration came to an explosive, firey end with a spell binding performance - "Time Out" by antagon theaterAKTion (Germany) in 70 minutes of undulating theater.

Time out! Take a break –
We stop the time machine, look inside for one moment, think, and truly feel.

Where did I come from? Where am I now? Where am I going?

Yearning for a time that is perhaps long gone – or does it still lie ahead?
Dream or reality? It's about feelings, ones we want to experience again.
The new action performance antagon has assembled melts reality with illusion and leads the audience into a fantastical space and time.
– A theatrical show that grabs images from the past and present and twists them into visions of a new and better future.

"In the rounded stage of antagon's arena, the antagon theater creates a science fiction spectacle about the fight against opression and violence. Poor creatures on stilts are chained together and wipped in their dungeon. Soldiers march forward. Human beings slip out of their outer skins and find that they are still trapped, and the whole atmosphere is stamped with a furry of musical rhythms, dance and impressive imagery on stage. (...) The tableau of the antagon theater lives from constant mood changes and the inversion of circumstances and relationships..."
(Zitat: Trottoir Heft 40, Sept.-Nov. 2003, Szene Rhein/Main)

In what form do we actually live?
What determines the rhythm of our lives?

"Time Out" is created in the struggle between constraint and release, or insanity and magic, the opposition between technocratic, uniformal burocracy and the striving for everything elementary and primitive.
In a world spun off course, antagon presents a new vision, searchng for a lost spirituality and hunting for a lasting happiness. "Time Out" addresses these themes with expressive physical theater, self-composed live music, projections, stilts, elements from the Japanese Butho dance, spectacular pyrotechnics, and a firery finale.

More Arts Festival's "Time Out" Pictures
There are some goofy ones of us in evil growls and slow motion with the cast!

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