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Dugong Dive 23062007 01
Wonder who was more curious?

Dugong Dive 23062007 06

Dugong Dive 23062007 09

Dugong Dive 23062007 10

Dugong Dive 23062007 13
Grabbing on to some Sea Grass for the feed

Gracie was rescued by the island of Pulau on September 1998. A Dugong is a large plant-eating mammal of shallow tropical coastal waters, related to the manatee. It has a two-lobed tail, cleft upper lip, arms resembling flippers, and the males have tusks. Gracie’s mother drowned after being entangled in a fishing net. After the authorities found Gracie, they handed her over to the Underwater World Aquarium of Singapore. Gracie would have never survived without her mother. Since her rescue, Gracie has grown from 59 kg to 150 kg.

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