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It's crazy all the things that have happened in just the last 6 months. And I'm not talking about the 7% GST hike or the new smoke free ruling in pubs!
I can't truly remember a dull moment; but I always felt there was enough "ME" time to laze by the pool or snuggle up front with the tele. There is a sense of balance, a sense of accomplishment and growth.

January -
Singapore Women's Cycling Team (SWCT) Hearts On Wheels (H.O.W): The Rainbow Experience

There are few things in life that are as beautiful as a rainbow. It is about the experience, the journey, the laughter, the memories and you making a difference in someone elses' life.
The annual SWCT Charity Ride adopted Club Rainbow, supporting chronically ill children and their families. The mission was to raise a total SGD$20,000. Leading up to the marathon cycling event of 250km from Malacca to Singapore.

Channel News Asia (CNA) News Clip (English)

Channel 8 MediaCorp News (Mandarin)

February -
Appointed Youth Advisor for St. Teresa's Youth Group (STYG)

March -
Trip to Vietnam.
Covering Ho Chin Minh, Hoi Ann, Hue, Hanoi and Ha Long

April -
The Burfdae Event of the Year! Mine... of course.
Proud owner of the Nintendo Wii!!!
Singapore Film Festival 2007

May -
Proud owner of an Apartment at 重庆 阳光100 (Chongqing Sunshine 100)

June -
STYG Mission Trip to Tanjung Pinang, Bintan - Asrama Putra
Singapore Arts Festival 2007
Touching a Dugong!

It's things like these in your life that add colour, richness and texture to the quality of life, keeps you sane in a ridiculous world and makes you pause to think... how blessed I truly am.


  1. Sounds like you got a full life :)

    Keep it up.

    Anyway, if you got a lobang like the cycling one, I will be keen to take part. Think anything long and siong!! THe longer and sionger the better


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