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Sr. Wendy will be soon waking up in the land of King Solomon’s mines, in a country filled with varied landscapes and safari parks thundering with the roars of Cheetahs and Lions. In the distance will be wide open grasslands with gentle Zebras grazing in herds. Sr. Wendy will be there stationed in Africa for the next 3 years come 2008 but will be in LA next month on some other training program.

With all the activities these days with everyone, it was almost impossible to fix a schedule for dinner. We finally settled for Northern Indian at Shahi Maharani North Indian Restaurant. It's a restaurant tucked away at some food corner of Raffles City Shopping Centre. A restaurant richly dressed in Indian royalty with Chinese looking performers on the Sitar and Tabla. We later realised that they were authentic Northern Indians. We were not too adventurous with our choice of dishes, with a sizzling hot plate of mixed meat Tandori, Malasa Veg and 3 different types of Naan. The Tandori wasn't fantastic, since some of the meat was sorta minced together, but there was good flavour in the Naan; in fact one of the best we've eaten.
We ended the dinner with drinks; a Malasa Tea, a Mango Lassi and this greenish herbal drink that Sr. Wendy ordered which tasted just like a sauce dip! It was seriously acquired taste. Sr. Wendy drank the drink as though it had medicinal value.

We were later joined up with Wendy at KBox! Oh what joy to bring a nun to a Karaoke joint. I think we turned some heads. As usual, the English MTVs had some ridiculous scenes that got us laughing to the grounds. There were a no. of old time ABBA greats with original clips that we truly enjoyed and I had to put up Jay, Sammi and Leslie.
We crooned and quacked till closing time. Sr. Wendy was spaced out by then and couldn't believe we actually sang to wee morning hours of 4am!

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  1. Never read this until now! Yes was pretty spaced out but had lots of fun with all of you. Thanks so much for a wonderful evening princesses! It is actually my 3rd and supposedly final year here in Kenya but I'be been asked to stay on...


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