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July feels very much like a SPORTS month for me. It is all about Tennis and Cycling **BIG GRIN**

Earlier in the month was all about the finals of Grand Slam at Wimbledon. What feast it was to watch Tennis greats battle it out on courts of lawn. Rafael Nadal was so close to snatching the title from Roger Federal in a 6 games neck to neck nail biting match. Federal secured his fifth consecutive title, matching the legendary reign of the watching Bjorn Borg. It was Venus Williams who retained her Women's Championship for a fourth time.

The biggest, most anticipated cycling event soon followed - Tour de France 2007.
It's no secret that the sole reason why I have cable television is for Sports. I was generally upset that the Tour de France will only be featured over the weekend as a highlight!

A friend from my cycling newsgroup, Casey; wrote to Starhub Cable TV stating:
"I tried to search for the broadcast of the highlights of the Tour de France cycling race, which starts today and will run over 3 weeks, but do not find it on channels 21 to 24. The race has always been shown on cable TV but I am surprised that I am not seeing it on the online program guide. Is Starhub cancelling the broadcast this year?"

Starhub's reply from their Consumer Services - Programming
"Thank you for your email on 7 July 2007.

We would like to inform you SuperSports (chn 22) is providing highlights coverage to the Tour De France 2007. There will be 3 episodes of weekly highlights in August 17th-19th. Please be assured that your interests for a more comprehensive coverage of Tour De France has been shared with our relevant departments and channel partners. We will continue to keep interests for a LIVE coverage of the tour next year We appreciate your feedback and will update the sports coverage for ESPN channel description on the StarHub website.

If you have other queries on StarHub Digital Cable, please call our Customer Care Hotline at 1633, email to this address or fax to 6725 1603. We look forward to your continued support."

Casey's reply:
"I am not expecting live coverage of the event as it can run over a period of 6 hours on some of the stages and the time trials will definitely be very long as well.

ESPN, has all these year, been providing a one hour segment of the previous day's race, which is a good summary of the proceedings and keeps viewers updated on the event.

For all increase in subscription fees that we are paying, we do not even get the broadcast of the top cycling event in the world being broadcast on a daily basis and have to watch the weekly highlight. I think this is a real let down. This is not to mention that Starhub do not broadcast the 2nd or 3rd rated race (Giro Italia or the Spanish Tour) in the cycling calendar."

There was no reply from Starhub there after.
I managed to locate online screenings from Brit's iTV. Who really need Starhub seriously!
I'm just a little behind, but that's really fine.

The Tour has been great so far. I've seen crashes, near misses, strategies within the teams and will-power in the cyclists. It's not an easy sport.

Stage 3: Domino crash effect

Stage 8: Micheal Rogers (T-mobile) falls out of the tour after this crash. David Arroyo falls down into the bushes

Stage 9: Marcus Burghardt (T-mobile) crashes into a passing dog. Watch how the wheel folds up upon the hit. Apparently, both cyclist and dog are fine

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