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I was so screwed up yesterday night. About a week ago, I was recommended to a Good Old Frog Legs Porridge Outlet around Chinatown, People's Park Complex. Not the popular clay pot one along Eu Tong Sen Street.
This stall only serves Frog Porridge and nothing else. In 4 or 5 limited choices. Nevertheless, the seasoning and taste was excellent.
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I was in some kind of weird Frog Legs mood yesterday night. Went to Po Keh with my parents and ordered steamed Frogs with Chicken Essence. When the steaming frogs were served, a bottle of brandless (cause it had no label) chicken essence was opened and poured straight into the dish. It was strangely light in taste (despite having the essence) and delightfully enjoyable. Every bit of the essence was licked till dry towards the end of the meal.

I had major problems falling asleep that night. Partly attributed by my afternoon nap and the consistent cloudy weather. I was perky and wide awake. It was around 3.30am that I watched 2 more stages of Tour de France. There was something in the rolling wheels of cycling that drifted me off to dreamland.
Figured I will be dead tired this morning... but no signs of that so far. Hmmm...

Unbelievable what Frogs and Chicken Essence can do to you.

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