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I'm not a fan of big IT fairs; of big halls, super large crowds and what is known to be great bargains. The turn off has to be the feeling of claustrophobia amidst the sardine packed human crowd. The long queues and the temptation of buying something totally useless just because everyone else is getting one. It is precisely these reason that I totally avoid the fair (and it's surroundings) altogether.

This time round, I have real reasons to attend COMEX 2007.

Earlier in the month, my 7 year old 17" Sony Trinitron G400 decided to fail in it's scan refresh; causing dark horizontal lines to be formed on screen. I paid a fortune (about S$1,100) back then for this excellent CRT monitor. It produced one of the best clarity and colour. I would have expected a CRT to last longer then 7 years, but at the rate I "torture" my equipment, I really shouldn't be complaining.

About 2 weeks ago, my APC UPS seemed to have died on me. At the rate I experience power trips within the home, it was a solid S$70 investment; protecting my valuable equipment. Unfortunately, I think the warranty have expired.

I've also been meaning to replace my Sony TRV950E's (my trusty 3CCD video cam) backup battery. It's about 4 years old and the battery life have started to weaken. The circuitry's memory also prevents it from discharging down completely. With a video shoot coming up in September, I really should get a replacement.

Here's the Wishlist:
1) Samsung 226BW 22" LCD Computer Monitor (Buy Price - S$453)
2) Logitech Ultra Flat Shine Keyboard (Buy Price - S$18)
3) Logitech VX Revolution Cordless Mouse (Buy Price - S$50)
4) Sony Camera Battery NP-QM71D (Buy Price - S$70)
5) APC ES500 UPS (BE500-AS) (Buy Price - S$70)
6) Wii Nunchuk (Buy Price - S$30)
7) TDK DVD-R Discs x16 Speed (50)(Buy Price - S$26)

I'll know soon if COMEX lives up to all the bargain and freebies I've heard so many mention...

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