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It’s been 2 hard weeks at work; so an outdoor, sweat out, shout out, dance out concert was just what I needed last night at the inaugural SingFest 2007! Over 14 top acts from all over the world came together for SingFest, Singapore's largest outdoor music festival yet, at Fort Canning Green.

With 80s band names like Pet Shop Boys, The Stranglers, Cyndi Lauper, Sugar Ray, Shaggy and Sasha Bach Band; you’d know you’ll be into some retro rocking good time.

We arrived after tracking up the hill of Fort Canning just in time to catch the last few numbers of The Stranglers. The crowd on the ground were around 2,000 – 3,000 strong. Apparently the organizers were expecting a turn out of 14,000 over the 2 day event, but with so many performances (Gwen Stefani, Akon, Womad, NDP); only about 6,000 tickets were sold. I happened to get our tickets online for ½ price. Then again, I would have paid in full for Sugar Ray.

It wasn’t surprising that the crowd was a more matured bunch. Considering the average age of the performers on stage should be around 45?!?! They may be aunties and uncles on stage, but they were as cool as yester years. A seasoned performer remains a seasoned performer.

SingFest 08082007 30
Everyone was on there feet when big names like Cyndi Lauper hit the stage. The moment would have to be “True Colours” – hands in the air, singing out loud! For just 1 song, the crowd had “unity”. We may have missed the act by Shaggy (which Steve wanted so much to catch) but he came on to do a reggae version of "All Through The Night" and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with Lauper. It was outrageously fun! Lauper's voice still as crystal as how it sounds on CD.

Lauper & Shaggy having "Fun"

The intermissions between acts were DJ spins. All the way from UK were the Eye Candy Twins. They had bouncing breasts… very gross. And besides their rather buffed bodies… they didn’t look all that eye candy. There were many retro dance numbers, some almost forgotten that got us all wet dancing.

SingFest 08082007 50
Sugar Ray was just pure joy watching. Mark McGrath was so super cute! We were as close as we can get, up close and personal to the band. The usual, Sugar Ray favourites, a copy of covers and some older hard rock kindda tunes. They were smashing!

Some Sugar Ray clips - almost the sole reason why I was at the concert!

Sugar Ray's Lead Vocals Mark McGrath in a Guns & Roses' "Sweet Child Of Mine" cover.

Hear the crowd singing along!

SingFest 08082007 81
The highlight around the stroke of midnight had to be Pet Shop Boys. There was a strong British, American crowd in support of this legendary electronic music duo - Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. In a way, the stage was designed to suit their final act; with strobe tube lights, a big screen for digital display and fancy neon lighting. We all agreed that they had the most professional performance; with choreographed dancers, backup singers, lots of costume changes and props. At times it felt a little like watching a Elton John gay act. There was also group that flew high the rainbow flag. How GAY!
It was still pretty insane to dance to the beats of “It’s A Sin”, “Suburbia” and to end the concert proper “Go West”! Which in a way was extremely appropriate since that’s the direction home?

Watch those hands go up in synchrony at "Go West"!

We left half deaf… next time please remind me to bring along some ear plugs!

More SingFest 2007 Concert Pictures

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