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There really should be quite a number of things to do this weekend. I’ve been too caught up with the last season of Battlestar Galactica; but hey… if you watch the series… you’ll seriously know why.

First of all, I owe Sharon some pictures of “My Life”. As part of my milestone birthday present, the Fun Sophisticated Princess (but I’m quite sure the idea is 100% Sharon’s) thought of this grand birthday gift of a Growing Up Picture Album. Quite a few other friends apparently also contributed what they deemed as “raunchy” pictures of me to the collection. Just that what was meant to be “surprise” ended up with me having to do quite a bit of work. Digging through heaps of old, dusty photo albums; scanning and retouching. Sharon sometimes has a tendency under estimating the amount of effort that goes into putting something like this together. On the flip side, I’m looking forward to what crazy things they’ll present. In a way, as I’ve mentioned before; putting my hardcopy photographs to digital will be an on-going project. Estimated Completion Date – UNKNOWN!

Clogging up precious harddisk space on my comp are also unedited video clips of
A) The Dugong Dive 2007
B) Something Special for Yan’s Wedding 2007
C) Jo & Marcia’s Birthday 2006
D) “No Business Like Show Business” On Stage Performance 2006
E) Dad’s Discus 2006

Perhaps I should update them into my Outlook task calendar… prioritize them… huh… right…

I’ve also been meaning to touch up and put online my Vietnam pictures taken in March. Just that March was a crazy month, and so was practically every other month there after.
Thank goodness again for Zooomr! From which I’ve been able to better plan my online picture archive for sharing and hopefully in the pipeline to create a photo marketplace for my alternate income resource.

Spending time to update my Yahoo Auction Booth earlier this month was a good move. I’ve since been making small amount of sales. I’ve been thinking hard on how to make it a more profitable business model. Right now, it’s a great tool to pick up some extra pocket money and get rid of some unwanted stuff around the house.

Hopefully soon, I will be able to craft out more concrete ideas on what I could potentially do for my Alternate Income Resource - code name “AIR Project”. It will be creative and it will be online.


  1. which part of Battlestar u r at now? :-D

  2. I'm done - All 3 Seasons. Started from National Day's long weekend... about a total of 50 hours worth of high flying action!
    You've gotta get your hands on it...

  3. darn it nat. i said i'll not get hooked on another series and i just rented the mini series dvd - think its da movie version.

    another matter - never jio me for chris de silva's concert!! *muttermumble indecipherable @#%$*

  4. Swear you will be hooked! Welcome to the BSG fan club!

    Yah lah, while catching the Chris deSilva Concert was thinking you should be here...

    Have some lousy recording clips - will post later...

  5. can't get them season 3 here leh! :-P



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