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I consider people who have a routine to exercise regularly - highly disciplined.

You want a good body - Exercise
You want a good mind - Learn
You want a good soul - Pray

The keyword here is "routine" and "regularly". I fall into the percentage of the world's population where I'd be too often contented to just sit around on my ass.
It's not that I don't enjoy being in the hot sun and breaking out a good sweat. In fact; I very much enjoy being active and making those muscles (if any) ache a little.
I'm fast, agile, flexible, works well in a team, have good body co-ordination and great ball sense. I do most activities relatively well, from water sports to horse riding to skiing. I consider myself an all rounder in sports, just that I'm not an endurance athlete.
All said; It's just that putting exercise as a routine regime is never easy.

The best motivation to exercise for me, is really about getting myself involved in some activity that requires mid term training. There is a goal and better still, if that activity is tied in with something meaningful; like a charity or purpose. It's different when you're cycling on a monthly Makan Ride vs. an annual Charity Ride.
There is then a reason to really train and keep your body in form.

The annual Inter-department Badminton Tournament 2007 has ended 2 weeks back. From which the team dropped 2 places from being Champions to 2nd Runners Up. We lost the semi-finals match to this year's Champions but smashed our way to a successful victory in the 3rd/4th placing. We're still very proud of all our efforts as the competition standard has risen significantly this year. With the tournament ended, there is nothing to look forward to except for the Inter-department Bowling Tournament (which I don't truly treat as a 'real' sport).
More on the Badminton Tournament in 2005 and 2006.

I am thinking of something with a bit more stretch... something like the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007. The shortest route is the 10km Run. For a non-runner like me... that's hell! I have never done it, do not know if I CAN do it nor at this moment if I truly even want to attempt it. In addition, I wouldn't want to be another statistical sudden death on another marathon run.
With all the activities already planned for September, serious training might only start in October. I'm not sure if 2 months is even sufficient!
Then again... sometimes... it's all about taking the plunge...
Then again... let me sleep over it another night...


  1. tell me about being a lazy ass - the LA triathlon is happening right outside my window today, and i'm on my bum at the laptop writing inane comments on your blog.

  2. Just sign up and do it. It will be my third marathon this year. Sigh....dunno why I am doing it again


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