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What started off as a rather interesting dinner conversation about Wendy's preparation for her funeral booklet led us talking about writing wills and ideal funeral. Although a rather grim topic for young people of our age, let's face it... there's 1 thing in life we can all be certain of - death. It's purely a matter of when and maybe how...

When it comes to worse case scenarios in life, dying isn't it. Not dying and not being able to live fully is.
I'm talking in situations of being senile, paralysed or having a chronic or terminal illness. It's in times like these, the burden falls upon those closest to you. Physically, emotionally and financially. Sickness chooses anyone... the young, the old, the fit, the fat... I've come across my fair share of young and healthy people who discovered cancer, falls prey to a stroke, gets tangled in a horrible accident. They're people with bodies tougher than steel. People you wouldn't expect to be beaten down.

Earlier in the month, Cin upgraded a critical illness insurance policy covering up to now SGD$200K. It's another SGD$1000 plus every year for what's suppose to be a peace of mind. It's about time I did the same, since my last medical coverage scheme was looked into way too many years ago. It got me thinking what SGD$200K can do when I'm seriously chronically ill. Without the ability to have a stable income, I doubt any coverage for a long term illness is ever enough. Then again, how much is enough? Back when I was younger SGD$50K was a whole lot of cash!

I just watched Michael Moore's docu-movie 'SiCKO'. By far the best from Moore, comparing the highly profitable American health care industry to other nations. How insurance companies denied claims causing premature deaths and long term illnesses. There is a frightening similarity to Singapore's high cost of health care with our growing rate of aged citizens. At the rate of increased medical cost, I can totally understand why some older folks would really rather die then be alive. I always reserve my own opinion when it comes to medicine. Doctors / Nurses to me are not always right. It's the standard and attitude of SOME that sometimes just pisses me off. I had bad experiences with my grandma, my aunt, my dad and even myself. Gone are the days when the profession is truly honourable and respected. A little more care goes a long way.

Keep an open mind when watching 'SiCKO'. Moore have a unique talent of convincing through his craft. The film struck a balance between facts, humour and heart wrenching human scenes. But because this topic hold no boundaries; in race, language, country or political views... it does make one think. Falling ill is a worry we'll have to live with here. Your only wish is you're able to sustain financially when you've been whacked down with an illness. However, the financial stress will probably keep you in a sick state for a while... So as they always say: 'Prevention is better then cure'; but there is never a guarantee.
Still, if you don't like the system - Leave!

'SiCKO' Trailer

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  1. "When it comes to worse case scenarios in life, dying isn't it. Not dying and not being able to live fully is."

    I thought this was nicely said. Illness can come across all types of people of all shapes and color. It's sad that in the US we have to constantly think about our health in a financial point of view. Moore's "Sicko" definitely opens our eyes to the reality of healthcare. Medicare is a huge issue impacting everyone-taxpayers, the elderly, baby boomers wh omay one day need assistance, low income families and so on. AARP has set up a site ( It was set up so that we can get our voices heard on this important issue by signing a petition and contacting our congressman. I am working to support the AARP on getting all of our voices heard. We've got to come together and take a stand before it's too late.


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