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Hey, it's the eve of the Deepavali Holiday and the start of a short break for me.
Strangely busy day at work with 2 out of office meetings. Missed a lunch appointment with Pris and Francis and had to forgo Ya-Kun coffee at tea to rush out some work before I left for the week.

Dinner arrangement was around a charcoal brazier, a Wagyu beef cooking experience at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant. Gyu-Kaku is a chain of 800 Yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurants specializing in barbecued beef. It's high class Japanese BBQ, where we're well served with change of cutleries and charcoal burnt cooking grills. Besides the posh setting of the restaurant, the highlight of Gyu-Kaku would have to be their offering of Wagyu beef. Yet again, high class beef from breeds of cattle genetically predisposed to intense marbling and to producing a high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat. Wagyu beef has a naturally enhanced flavour, tenderness and juiciness. Served in small plates, perhaps 7 - 8 slices (100gs) of freshly sliced Wagyu, non marinated to be cooked over red charcoal wood fire to bring out a crisp original beef flavour. Other meaty delights include Pork Belly (taste best when cooked to resemble crispy American bacon), Wagyu Tongue, Wagyu Intestines (best cooked till it bursts into flames over the grill due to obscene fat content), Buta Karubi (sliced Pork) and cooked Salmon. Needless to say, it was a premium meal at a premium price. What you can consider as the TOTAL opposite of what you might experience at the now de-funked Marina South Korean BBQ.

I couldn't resist an after meal Japanese Green Tea ice-cream dessert. It came with Japanese Rice Cakes - Mochi (or omochi). Mochi are small rice cakes, produced by pounding mochi rice. They were in itself an experience cooking!

Barbecuing Mochi. Notice how the cakes expand in size like an about to explode Marshmallow!

Gyu Ka-Ku Japanese BBQ Rice Cakes 07112007 01
Japanese Rice Cakes on the grill

Gyu Ka-Ku Japanese BBQ Rice Cakes 07112007 05
Warm crispy Mochi dipped with green tea ice-cream and red bean paste

Gyu-Kaku deserve another visit for it's Wagyu beef steak going at SGD$68! Oh well, you wouldn't be seeing me there in the near future. That's if, not if I'm footing the bill.

After dinner plans was to check out The Butter Factory. I've long wanted to check out the place for its funk deco and Hip-Hop grooves. But I was most reluctant to fork out SGD$21 for the holiday eve cover charge. We ended up at Harrys with my usual pint of Erdinger. Refreshing too to hang out with Celeste's colleague and ex-colleagues. And when it still wasn't enough for the night, we headed over to Jazz @ South Bridge. In time to catch the last act of the night. Like what Jacob formerly commented, old school classic type Jazz. Nothing I can't sit through. And I am reminded that Martini sucks neat... it's a drink that needs a mix.

At the end of the pub hop, I spent more then SGD$21. Perhaps I should have just stuck to original plan!

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