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VeggieTales Lord Of the Beans - Concept09VeggieTales Lord Of the Beans - Concept10
Characters from 'Lord of the Beans'

When Vegetables dance, sing, have morals in their stories and spoof the storyline of J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings'; you know you'll be in for a good time.

Finally managed to gather all the Veggie enthusiasts over to my place for the cartoon screening. I had intended a hard core VeggieNite, with servings of a pure vegetable diet (much to Wendy's displeasure). But due to last night's late hang out, I got everyone else to pack some food for a simple lunch.

The casting of the Veggie characters were flawless. It was darn hilarious when Gandalf the Grey becomes Randolf, Frodo Baggins becomes Toto Baggypants, Bilbo Baggins becomes Billboy Baggypants, Legolas becomes Leg-O-Lamb, Aragorn becomes Ear-O-Corn, The evil Sauron just the Scaryman, Hobbit becomes Frobbit and Orcs turned into Forcs (characterised literally by Forks!!!).

Although there were only bits of the show that followed closely to the original storyline, the adaptation of the characters and use of scenes were highly effective in bringing the theme - Using of Gifts across.

I've always admired Big Ideas goal to share God's values through such creative media. Director, Mike Nawrocki of the 'Lord of the Bean' shared how easily kids get influenced these days and how important it is to instill good values to them as young as possible. I honestly can't agree more.

We also took some time to run through the DVD's Making Of segments, watched some MTVs and played some really silly FAQ and interactive games. I felt so dumb with this ultra lame 'choose Toto's path' game, where you have to lead Toto to fulfill his gifts. I was so ready to give up half way and I'm quite certain a 5 yr old will complete it in no time.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing by the pool. Though there were only moments of warm sunshine, I was contented to just have the time to rest.

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