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I've been given a clean bill of health for the condition of the right ear. The blockage started to subside only after 1 week of consuming Hydergine, a medicine to improve blood circulation. It was a costly medication, with each tablet costing a dollar plus. I was put on an additional 2 weeks of Hydergine before I felt the full effect of recovery.

Since Monday last week I was back to normal. It's easy to forget in the midst of so much activities that feeling good again can so easily be taken for granted.

According to the doc, there is nothing that needs to be done till this ordeal happens again (if it ever returns)...
I took enough Vit B complex from the clinic, good for 2 months to help supplement my condition.

Just want to thank each and everyone of you who offered even the shortest of prayer for me... it means everything to me... from my heart...


  1. just glad to know u r able to hear in stereo once again!... :-D


  2. oh yes... it's as good as surround sound ;)


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