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It has finally started to rain with a think layer of dark cloud looming across the entire sky.

I took advantage of the sunshine before lunch for a 1 km swim. The swim took around 45 mins with a short water break at the same time checking out a neighbour putting some golf balls near the BBQ behind the pool. Took the last 500m really slow as I didn't want to strain the shoulder pull I got from surfing in Bali. It doesn't disturb me too much, but it certainly hasn't fully recovered since September last year. I want to mix my runs with other sports that have less impact on the joints. I've heard enough horror stories about failing knee caps and bad ankles due to excessive running. Swimming and cycling will be my best compliments.

I had the entire pool to myself, can't get better then this. The swim was followed by a scotching hot tanning session while reading 'The Alchemist'. I should be done with the book by the weekend.

By the time I wanted to leave to shower and pickup some lunch, the sky had turned dark. A huge contrast to the hot sunny weather just 1/2 an hour ago.

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