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The QuirkPod at work

The new year always start of with the 1st birthday celebration in honour of Jo. For the past couple of years we had "tortured" the birthday gal by giving her our version of an Extreme Make-Over and smearing her face with cake! We figured that we'll grow up a little this year and treat her to a nice decent meal. It was simply Jo's day... she had more then just a meal...

The dinner venue of choice ended up being Jewel Box's Altivo, dining in high altitudes of Mount Faber. Since the place's revamp, I've yet to pay a visit during the night and was instantly dazzled by the dreamy lighting and decor. The ambiance from the entrance was chic and inviting. A far cry from the Hill Bistro just a couple of metres up the hill. Fortunately, it didn't take too long before we were cleared off the waiting list.

The toilet with a view. Sharon went all ga-ga over the fish tank in the background

With no reservations we had a breathtaking sight overseeing our bustling City and its harbour skyline at the alfresco bar.

View from our table

We were then treated to Snow Foam display on the hour at every hour. It was a Winter Wonderland experience of a soapy kind. Cheap thrill but still extremely fun. It's amazing how much the foam appear and fall like real snow. There's something about the "snow" that lighted all our faces! It brought out the inner child in each of us. We sat through all 4 sets of the snow display (each lasting 12 mins long) with the last set at the balcony where we pretended to frolic in the cold! The restaurant photographer, with his digital SLR and tripod snapped a photo which we paid $15 for. It was a great souvenir which Sharon and I also used to pen our birthday wishes.

"Snow" falling at Altivo, Jewel Box

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Playing in a Winter Wonderland

In the end, we had a dinner with a view (though I must mention that the mains sucked really bad... go only for their drinks and snacks), fake snow which amused the hell out of us, a band singing their hearts out to Jo and we ended the night with a cable car ride back down to Harbour Front. It's one of those nights that pleasantly surprised. God must really love Jo :)

An assortment of cheesecakes which doubled up as the birthday cake

Cheap Thrill on the Cable Car

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  1. Hey! I wasn't gaga over the tank!!! Just pity the fishes and plants. Badly maintained tank :-(


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