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It's all coming together. Week by week, day by day...

We're drawing closer to World Youth Day 08' in Sydney. Oh, before I proceed further... have I mentioned that we'll be flying there in style? On SIA's Airbus A380?!?! It may just be economic class tickets... with a really nice personal media screen... but the fact that it’s an A380 deserves some bragging rights.

What started out as a thought to gather a bunch of young adults from St. Teresa, ended up with a nice group of 24 consisting of SMU, STC and the Redemptrist Mission Team (RMT). It's a great mix of old and new faces. It's strange how everything and everyone just fitted together perfectly and it truly affirms me that God is indeed the master planner.

We had WYD08 Gathering UNO at one of SMU's lecture room at the Economics and Social Science building. I'm speaking for myself here... but it is pretty effortless working with Patrick, Geri and Dennis. I love the fact that things moves along and we all get each other. Apart from breifing up on all the nitty gritty logistical and financial stuff; the bunch was broken up into 5 main groups. Largely to split up the workload leading towards and during WYD.

The group roles included:
WYD Logistics Party
Shirt & Banner Party
Sponsorship/Souvenirs Party
Media & Publishing Party

My group picked up being the Media & Publishing Party. Mainly directed by Fr. Gerard cause he felt it was something that we all had some talent doing. But hey, he's the priest... and you don't really want to go against a priest...
It turned out that Shawn had connections with Catholic News and also personally knew Joyce who's following up with some writing on the event. Yet again I thought; how appropriate.

We had initially figured there will be war and violence over the selection of the group roles... but again, everything fell into place... it was becoming too perfect!

We couldn't stop teasing Wendy all through the night. She ended up in Fr. D's group - Spiritual! Towards evening, she purchased a Youth Bible and attended a Tridum Healing Mass by Fr Gino Henriques!

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