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The skies were still gray this morning, but Dennis and I still decided to take a chance to check out Hyderabad Road on our bikes since we missed out on Saturday morning due to the downpour. A left turn just a short distance after Hewlett Packard Building along Alexandra Road brings you to a serene compound of white old colonial styled bungalows and semi-detached houses. These historical British buildings were occupied by high ranking military personnels during the war. Here you will also find HortPark, a one-stop gardening hub for plant lovers.

There is a generous area to cycle with some roads leading toward the greenery of Kent Ridge Park. The roads are narrow and cars travel both directions. Still traffic was very low before noon with an occasional car or school bus slowly passing.

The ride was refreshing and easy. There were gentle slopes and uneven terrain but nothing exceedingly challenging. It was still a great 'get back on the saddle bike ride'. But while changing gear, I dropped my chain and ever since the derailleur went out of alignment. It made the ride impossible and we headed back.

Looks like it's time for my Contessa to get some servicing.

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