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Mysterious Kok Zai Cookie 01

This incident is the closest I've come to having an encounter with the supernatural.

I've been home alone. In fact, I was honestly looking forward to some quiet time all by myself around the house while the rest of my family headed out of town for the Easter holidays. I had the responsibility to take care of the house, take care of the fishes, take care of the plants and keep everything in order.

The 1st Night
It was the 1st night back home on Tuesday. Was in a big rush to dump down my belongings, take a quick shower before rushing back out for a pin smashing game of bowling. As I entered the kitchen, I noticed something strange...

3 pieces of Kok Zai (plump little snacks that resemble mini curry puffs, which are actually traditional Cantonese peanut cookies) lied along the length of my kitchen floor. There was a piece of Samosa Cookie together with the findings. The discovery certainly raised an eyebrow. I looked over to my tidbit table and found the remains of these New Year goodies in numerous air tight containers.
I was almost certain I left the kitchen floor free of tidbits as I left the house for work in the morning. Occasionally, birds take a tour within my house as the kitchen and laundry windows are always left opened. In fact, one regular feathered friend stay above one of our air-con vent and regularly pick at the kitchen's rubbish bin.
My 1st thought on the birds, but the screw tight containers would have made it impossible to open the bottles and put them back in place.
I didn't think much about it, threw away the mess on the floor and headed out.

The 2nd Night
Returned home around dinner time, turned on the lights to the kitchen and LOW AND BEHOLD - Another mysterious Kok Zai finding on the ground!
This time it was just one lone Kok Zai cookie and 2 small pieces of Tapioca Chips.
My CSI instincts kicked in... I touched nothing.. examined everything with my eyes alone... grabbed hold of my camera and snapped the surroundings. Evidence Baby... EVIDENCE!

Mysterious Kok Zai Cookie 03
Bottle of Kok Zais and Crispy Samosa next to the Durian Cake Biscuits

Mysterious Kok Zai Cookie 04
In the centre is another bottle of Kok Zais, the tall bottle behind contains the Tapioca Chips... out of casual reach

My logical thinking kicked in,
- Could it be another bird incident?
I looked at the kitchen dustbin and any loose food items around the house.
Nothing looked out of the ordinary.
But how do you explain the containers?

- Could it be a human person?
I looked around to see if anything valuable have gone missing.
Nothing looked out of the ordinary.
But why would someone come into the house, take nothing and throw tidbits on the floor? Made NO sense.

- Could it be an amnesia or sleep-walking incident?
I don't have such a medical history... at least not that I was told or that I am aware of.
Plus, I was certain I took good notice around the house when I left that morning.

Last possibility...
- Could it be something supernatural???

What other reasons can one think of?

When it comes to stuff of such nature, there is only 1 person to call - S-H-A-R-O-N!
Over the phone, I ran through the logical scenarios with her. We both deduced that a supernatural encounter is highly possible. There was no good explanation for the screw tight bottles.

And so I came to the acceptance that perhaps it was really a G-H-O-S-T...
- Why did it only happen now?
- Why did it do what it did?
- What did it want?
- Should I fear it?

I knew that the realm of the spiritual and human world closely intertwined and the experiences of the spiritual often puts fear due to its unknown. It's not the 1st time I've heard stories about spiritual warfare and wondering spirits. Just that I've never had a close personal encounter.

I sat silently in my room (at my favourite spot) contemplating how I really felt... I didn't feel much fear. I felt assured of God's power over the situation. I felt secure in my room and I looked around to see what might have contributed to this protective sensation.

Above my stereo sits a bottle of Holy Water from Lourdes. A gift from Frances and Adrian from their pilgrimage trip last year. It never quite occurred to me to bless my house, but I knew it was time to do it. I filled the house with Planetshaker's Worship music and went around each of the room saying a prayer and blessing it with Holy Water. I blessed the altar and made God the Master of my home. I am already washed with the blood of Christ.

There was no need to chase away the mischievous spirit (if that was really what it was) for I acknowledged Who was head around the house.

Just to be certain, I decided to take the afternoon off the following day to ensure there was no sneaky human behaviour. Everything was in place by Thursday. Sharon came that evening to spend the Easter weekend with me.

Again, I've been blessed. By the power and grace of God I know nothing can harm me.

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