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Towner Club Atlantic Dining Room 01

It was an exclusive atas dinner treat by the gals at Towner Club's Atlantic Dining Room. Situated on the 62nd to 64th penthouse floors of Republic Plaza in the heart of the central business district, the club offers a awesome panoramic view of Singapore.
What Lis calls "the SGD$3,000 per night, per person; F1 view". And you'd need 50 pax before they'll even entertain you with a private function room!

Towner Club Atlantic Dining Room View 04
High ceiling full glass windows great for admiring the view

I was awed by how posh the place looked. High ceilings, grand lobby, chandelier lights and European framed classical paintings all around. Coming out of the lift, a sign reads something along the lines of "Turn-off your mobile phones"! Cannot be more atas!

While we were ushered into the dining area of Atlantic, I asked how these gals even managed to get a table reservation.

Lis calls for a table booking: "I'm calling to inquire about reservations at the Atlantic?"
Gal over the phone: "Are you a member?"
Lis: "No, I'm not"
Gal over the phone: "Do you own a card?"
Lis: "Erm... Yes?!?!"
Gal over the phone: "How would you like to pay"
Lis: "Erm... Visa?!?!"
Gal over the phone: "Reservations for?"
Lis: "5"

So much for EXCLUSIVE!!!

Atlantic Dining Room reads, "fine dining at its best". Versace, in the form of bone china plates grace the tables, where the chairs are leather-backed and the crystal glasses tinkle in perfect pitch. Towards the evening, a pianist serenades us amidst a candle-lit setting.

Towner Club Atlantic Dining Room View 01
View from where we sat

Towner Club Atlantic Dining Room View 02
View of the F1 road circuit

We look outwards to a full glass picturistic view of night time Singapore, while behind us sits cabinets of specialty wines in magnificent private wine lockers.

The western cuisine menu comes with just 2 pages, prepared by Executive Chef Felicien Cueff. 1 page for starters and soups, and the other with mains on fish and meats. Not much for variety but enough to satisfy any palette.

Towner Club Atlantic Dining Room 02

We got started off with a tasteful variety of bread and fine butter spread. It reminded me very much of Pete's Place at Grand Hyatt where you'd get lost wondering which piece of wholesome wheat grain to select.

One of their specialty was the Charcoaled Cod Fish, which Yan picked. It had a awesome cod flavour but made me wonder... isn't the black stuff what causes cancer?!?! Amongst us, we had a mixture of fishes, a duck and for myself a juicy, slightly bloody, thick piece of Tenderloin Beef steak. Just the way I like it.

Dessert for me was Creme Brulee. I'm not a huge fan, fearing how often the sweetness makes me shiver. But this Creme Brulee had a sweet, sour after taste matched refreshingly by the orange sorbet ice-cream and a fluffy cream stick. Yet again, it reminded me of the light taste of Baked Rice Pudding at Alaturka.

Still the best dish of the night had to be the large serving of laughter and stories. For that I wouldn't trade a thing in the world.

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