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I'm currently back in my hotel room safe and sound. Practically everyone left work early after understanding the massive impact of the earthquake. Every major Chinese news channel is covering the quake report which reached as far as Bangkok, Thailand and even Hanoi, Vietnam. CNN reports that 4 children have died in Chongqing. Rumours have it that another quake will be expected later in the night. News coverage is trying to confirm on this report.

It happened around 2:40pm, Shanghai time, on the 42nd floor of the Nan Zheng Tower.
I was happily replying my emails when suddenly I felt my head spin. I paused for a moment, looked up and exclaimed "Do you feel the place shaking?".
It was then that the rest of the colleagues expressed the same feel, some felt they were having a bad headache. I ran to the window to look out and noticed the blinds swaying.
I asked a Shanghai colleague, "Is this normal?"; he went; "No, I think it is an earthquake!"
In some kind of instinct, we grabbed our bags and headed out of the office. No laptops, no files... (basically, all my office stuff!!!)
We arrived quickly at the lift landing area and contemplated if we should take the lift or the stairs. But since the lifts were still operational, and the fact that we "really" didn't know what was happening... we took the dangerous option of the lift. Still, I cannot imagine running down 42 floors.

The driver, Mr. Lin; lead us away from the high rised buildings toward an open space at a road junction. Office workers from nearby office towers were also streaming out. We were pretty certain at that sight that it was very likely an earthquake.
Telecommunication lines were jammed for a while, but I managed to make a quick call back home. It was only later that we heard from a passer-by that what we were experiencing was the Huang Pu (800 li from Shanghai) aftershock.
We stood aimless. It was only after slightly more then 1/2 hour that we decided to head back to the office. More to close up and call it a day!

"Live" Report of the Shanghai Eastern Shichuan China Earthquake

"Live" Report of the Shanghai Eastern Shichuan China Earthquake (Part II)

China Eastern Sichuan Shanghai Earthquake 2008
Crowd at the junction where I stood

We're still uncertain on the impact of the quake and if the office building is structurally sound to operate in. For that, we have changed our meeting venue tomorrow to my hotel coffee house. Still not certain if I will risk it to return back to the office. The last earthquake experienced in Shanghai was many years back no greater then 5.0 magnitude. This was a first for many Shanghainese. I am lost for words at this encounter.

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