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I'm working from the hotel room today. But I'm still considering to drop by the office to check on some things. There were still reports of aftershocks near the Chengdu region but its been peaceful over here in Shanghai. Death toll has reached over 10,000...

Google Map SW China Earthquake 01
The nos. indicate where the first few quakes started near the fault line

Google Map SW China Earthquake 02
The aftershock spread all the way to Shanghai where my office building started to sway!

Google Map SW China Earthquake 03
The far reaching effects of the aftershock


  1. glad you're ok! i experienced my first tremor when i felt the earth swayed under my roller chair here in Sg some time ago!

    Monday i received an sms saying there are 2 parishoners were given a lower storey room a Sichuan hotel when they experienced the first quake, no news of them yet but i hope they return safe n sound to Sg is this Friday.

    speaking of which..i am more concerned of the cyclone victims in Myanmar since i have Myanmese relatives there (though we dun keep in contact)

  2. I think the devastation affected me more cause of the fact that I was in China. But I'm back now... safe...

    Still it was really sad seeing all the endless news coverage.

  3. I thought you went Korea? Anyway, welcome back!

  4. You thought right...I was in Korea for a couple of days...


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