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I thought it was a joke when I was told to support Mars at the PERVY BOY gig at the Esplanade's Stage@Powerhouse. I serious didn't know what PERVY BOY was until I decided to check out the Esplanade website to find the "On the Waterfront" performance series. The name sounded too kinky and perhaps a little too suggestive. But hey, practically anything can come out from the Vanderstraaten family...

On first look, I thought Marge (Mars' elder sis) was Mars! Damn they really really look alike; except that the Marge is a feistier, shorter version of her younger sis.

Formed in 2007, the band plays pop punk, with music influences from Blink 182, Greenday, Radiohead, Yellowcard, Jimmy Eat World and Placebo. Trashy enough for me...
The band formation: Marge (vocals), Adam (Bass), Andrew (lead guitar), Derek (rhythm guitar) and Eddy (drums). All pieces performed by the band are originals and composed largely by Marge.

Mars was the guest performer of the night on the cello for 2 pieces; "Holiday" (which you can check out at the AMP link) and "Goodbye"; a new track. The classical sound of the cello really gave a whole new sound to the punk track; the blend was just beautiful. Those 2 tracks were the best 2 pieces of the night, and it's not because Mars performed in it.
The rest of PERVY BOY's music were just pure strange. Strange in a very Blink 182 kinda way. Although I very much like Blink 182 as a band, I can't be sure if I'm as excited about PERVY BOY's band attitude. Sometimes you don't need to try as hard to come across as a fun band. Then again, I can't be sure if it is a punk thing.

Pervy Boy at Timbre performing "Crazy Day"

Still I feel the band deserves every support toward recording their EP.

PS. On the side note, I think I really want to look into getting a good digital recorder. Been thinking about it since the Mosaic Music Festival "On Air - In the House" gig. As usual, the Nokia XpressMusic 5310's recording capability is pure crap. Any recommendations?

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  1. buy a handycam or try a Nokia N series with Carl Zeiss, the vidz on the other blog i told u about (not revealing here) are from my phone, not sure wat u think of the quality


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