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This is one of those movies I would gladly miss at the cinemas, but by special request from the bride-to-be at Elena's Hen Party; we had to squeeze in a midnight show screening for 'Sex And The City'. As if 6 years running of the HBO Hit series with Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes wasn't enough, they had to do a FULL 2 1/2 hour movie which was 1 hour way too long.

If it ain't for the girls, the thought of catching the film didn't even cross my mind. But in a way I was glad I did. Much like attending the premiere of a 'Star Wars' prequel was to me, watching 'Sex And The City' was a big deal to my gal pals. We were not the only bunch of looney girl group flocking to catch the movie at 12:15am in the wee morning. I was excitedly surprised to see groups of 'GUYS' too! In fact we caught a few pairs of 'men' around! Oh... how gay...

For a series that I gave up mid way watching Season 2, I was surprised I didn't drift off to dreamland. I never really understood all the hype about the series. Then again, I don't blame those that don't share my craze about Battlestar Galactica. The storyline was just predictable with lines that sounded right from a script. However, I was rather intrigued by the fashion pieces and lame jokes that cracked me up.

Elena loved the film. And that at the end... matters most. More importantly, I was there to share the moment with her. As bad as I felt the film was, or should I say I certainly wasn't "Carried Away"... it reminded me that down my life's journey, I will always be blessed with this bunch of great gals that nothing in the world can replace.

So just for the Hen - she had her 'Sex And the City', a Fish Foot Spa and Massage with Ear Candling, an International & BBQ Seafood Buffet and an overnight's stay at the Changi Village Hotel!

The weekend and activities passed by so quickly. The weather didn't shine down on us so we didn't hit the lovely pool. Still it was great to get the Hen out of all the wedding preparation stress. Wished we had more time...

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