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"Crew of Galactica. People of the fleet. This is Admiral Adama. Three years ago I promised to lead you to a new home. We've endured a difficult journey, we've all lost, we've all suffered, and the truth is I questioned whether this day would ever come. But today our journey is at an end. We have arrived, at Earth."

- Admiral Adama, upon confirmation of their position in orbit of Earth

By far one of the most emotional BSG episodes. I was almost on the verge of tears when they finally found Earth. I really feel this series had done what so many TV programs could not... touching us on the emotional level... it's science fiction... but it's all human...


  1. I second that! :-D

    now we have to wait till 2009 and see what happenns next. that's a bummer!

  2. btw, there are chatter on the BSG forums and other related scifi channels as to whether that was really Earth of somewhere else... ;-)

  3. All will be revealed 1st quarter next year... it's gonna be long wait... but I'm pretty certain it'll be a wait worth while!

    BTW, how did you get to watch all the seasons???

  4. @racoon: thru web sites like, other alternatives are, and but usually I end up with joox. hasn't failed me yet! ;-)

    (where there's will, there way - especially for very desperate BSG fan like myself) :-D


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