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It's a no brainer that I will lay my hands on Nintendo's latest revolutionary exercise gadget for the Wii - Wii Fit. Just that I figured I will pick it up sooner rather then later. Initially considering to purchase it after WYD08, but with Maxsoft in control of Nintendo's retail price, I figured the standard price tag at SGD$179 will stay for a while. Since it's launch late May, early June; Wii Fit sets were flying off the shelves! Bernard and Lisa had picked up a set and they are ADDICTED!

With the entry of Wii Fit, Nintendo has no doubt placed itself in the forefront of infusing exercising and gaming. And there's no better way then to sucker us in by buying another Wii peripheral - the Balance Board.

The Wii Balance Board accessory was created from the ground up to work with Wii Fit. Besides just a scale, the wireless sensor puts on screen real-life movements for realistic game play.

With 40 different activities, training on Wii Fit is divided into four categories: yoga, strength training, aerobics, and balance games. The activities provide a core workout, emphasizing controlled movements.

First try on the Wii Fit
Wii Fit BMI
My BMI on Wii Fit. Nearly underweight!

Un-boxing the Wii Fit is a thrill by itself; just like un-boxing the Wii Console and Guitar Hero III. I have absolutely no idea how Nintendo products have such an impact on me...

Getting started with the game was a piece of cake. An animated Wii Balance Board will greet you and bring you through a series of tests to measure your BMI and Wii Age. My BMI stands at 18.65 just slightly above the underweight mark. My Wii Age however, is 41!

What I liked about the measurement is that your selected Mii shrinks or expands following the weight and height. I became skinnier!

If desired you can set a weight goal and select either a male or female instructor for the exercises. Although my BMI was within the healthy range, I was still advised by the animated Wii Board to build on strengthening my muscles and improve on my balancing. Guess I shouldn't need a cartoon character to tell me that...

As much fun as the Wii Fit is... I can't say there isn't any truth in this commercial parody. More importantly, it's hilarious!

Other potentials for the use of the Wii Board. This research company is already using it with Google Earth and real-time gaming. You can only imagine the potential that can be unleashed

I really should have played with my Wii board more, but I already knew time wouldn't be on my side this month. Still the balance games were pretty awesome and hula hoops REALLY break up a good sweat!

Quite unfortunately, the Wii Fit and board is currently only a single console game with NO multi-player or wifi capabilities. That was to me, a real let down.

As you gain points and time on the games, you unlock other games within the category. Nice motivation to keep the ass off the chair!

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