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In less then 24hrs and I will be on the A380 heading Down Under. It's just been barely past 6 months (in the heat of summer then), I'll be stepping foot in Sydney again (this time is blistering cold of winter). I can't say how much I love the place and I'm excited to see Lorenzo, a new addition to the family!

So I'm feeling all mashed up right now... like I'm having somersaults in the chest. I'm stressed out about everything happening presently... with the increased workload in the office... with all the packing... I'm hyped about the trip and all the adventures that will unfold... yet I'm worried if I'll be a good enough listener... a good enough friend... if I'll let God take control... if my heart will be open... if I'll be healthy enough to enjoy myself... if I'll have enough sleep...

It's totally crazy that I've planned this entire WYD journey together with Pat, Geri and Dennis for a year now. From starting off with NOTHING to having EVERYTHING put in place. I cannot be more thankful... and in so many ways; I know it was all in God's plan. I saw Jesus through so many people who had helped me in one way or another through the process, you have no idea...

In a way, I have so many expectations; yet I don't know what to expect. I want to be a sponge; to absorb, to soak, to immerse. It's a journey I will make... to be a witness...

Keep me in your prayers.

Next stop Sydney!

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  1. I'm sure you'll have a great time there! :-)


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